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Discover the Danube Bend!

Visegrád is the best headquarters to discover the villages of a thousand faces of the Danube Bend. After having a break, comfortably lengthen the morning to have a coffee and a delicious breakfast, you have still plenty of time to set off, because Szentendre, Vác or even Esztergom are only a few kilometres away. It’s up to you, where you start!

The neighbourhood is full of beautiful hiking trails – both experienced travellers and seekers of an easy trip can find “the proper road for their feet” in the Danube Bend.

Common experiences…

Sort through the many programs offered by the Danube Bend, and discover anew in your memories Visegrád and its neighbourhood! During taking a boat trip on the Danube, let yourself be seduced by the beauty of the nature’s panorama that was born by the marriage of the rivers and the mountains, may it be a hot summer or a golden autumn.

By the shore, you can see the treasures of the thousand-year-old Hungarian culture: The Solomon Tower, the Citadel, the wonderful world of Zebegény, the Basilika of Esztergom…

Start your hike in the Visegrád Mountains, or take a trip on the other side of the Danube, in the picturesque forests of Börzsöny! Would you rather go to a walk in a city today?

The Danube Bend offers many opportunities from the little cobble streets to “the baroque city”, Vác.

The centre from where you can always go for a roam in the Danube Bend!

„An experience on land, water, and air”

The heart of the Danube Bend!

The capital of the arts

We make four issues in every year for the lovers of the Danube Bend!