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Where you can see the sunset twice

On the Danube with a boat

Those who were lucky enough to travel to the Danube-bend even for once, they never forget that experience: in a few minutes, one can admire the tempting sunset of the Summer twice, since the mountains of Börzsöny and the devious river rein the Sun, as well. As the ship sails on the Danube, it seems that the scenery slowly runs beside us, like the mountains, the trees, the small houses are marching while we are rocked by the old river, a wonderful experience.

If you were already on the Danube by ship, then it is time for you to set sail again, or if you would try it for the first time in your life – you can surely find the best time for you in the week between March and October in the ship’s timetable of MAHART. Get on board in Budapest and get off in Visegrád!

If you wish for speed, adventures, velocity, and the hydrofoil does not satisfy you, only 10 km’s away from Visegrád, in the famous Pilismarót-gulf, you can try waterskiing and wakeboarding as well, in a safe distance, separated from the river’s ship-routes.

Sailing is an experience! Travel with the boats of MAHART PassNave Kft. in 2019, too!

An active pastime for the lovers of water sports

Get to know the beautiful sights of Visegrád from a motorboat!