The largest medieval festival of Hungary

Palace games

The International Palace Games of Visegrád is the most prestigious and – also regarding its extent – the largest medieval festival of our nation which is hosted on the second weekend of July in every year.

Even more than a 1000 men and women come from Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, the Czech Republic, Serbia and of course from our country, too; dressed knights, musicians, artists, dancers, archers – the representatives of the age to welcome the public in the mood of the Middle Ages for three days.

However, the enlightenment has put that certain “dark” term in front of the “Ages” like an uncleanable stain; we do everything we can for the purpose to make the modern people not to think about this historical age as a simply “dark” period, because it was not that horrible at all. In 1335, neither the kings met Charles Robert in his court in Visegrád for their dread of pestilence and the inquisition… 

If we can forget for a minute the medieval image created by Hollywood, and we treat the history-teller efforts of the cultural revolution of the 1700’s with caution, an unbelievably exciting world is revealed in front of our eyes, with all of its excitement, dynamism and humanity. This is what is the International Palace Games of Visegrád is about, which is hosted as the memory of the congress in 1335, the effects of which we still can feel even today. 

We had organized the palace games of Visegrád for the first time in 1984, and we were astounded to suddenly see that lots of people are interested in the medieval warfare, culture and lifestyle.

This is so true that there has not been a single year without palace games ever since, and we can proudly say that 


The absolute fan-favourites of the palace games beside the heavy-armoured soldiers are the beautiful riders, the groups of which perfectly represent through spectacular battle-scenes the various kinds of the knight-warfare, from the horse-archery to charging.

Through the course of the tournaments, you can get to know the swordsmen of the age, the essence of falconry, the medieval-like dances with the unique and monumental musical accompaniment of drum rhythms; and if  you become thirsty in the warm weather of July, the Royal Wine-court welcomes you with open gates with Hungary’s  most famous wine-countries’ special wines, and of course with the indispensable feasts of the medieval experience!

Throughout the day, the public can watch child-play and matinee musical shows on the Parkstage and the music-stage of the Wine-court; after the evening’s torch-light processions it is time for the start of “the medieval rock and roll” with such now-legendary line-ups as the Hollóének Hungarica Régizene Együttes or the Řemdih from the Czech Republic. Have fun together with the dressed people; get to know them in person!

During the whole time of the festival, you can roam between the stands of the fair which monumentally runs along for almost 1 km in the Main street; where you can eat special food, taste drinks, enjoy the programme of the fair’s comedians and of course you can get the catch of the fair! (Think about something. May it be anything; it’s 90% you can find it in the fair.)



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