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In the Solomon-tower on Wednesdays and on Saturdays from 12:00 from April to October and in the Palacehouse on Saturdays from 12:00 as well from October to March takes place the tournament, our unique spectacle in the whole country. During the event you can travel back to the not at all dark but to the resplendently colourful Middle Ages. 

The members of the Szent György Order present during a spectacular tournament that how the knights had fought for the grace of the king and the queen in Visegrád in the 14th century.  At the start of the event, the knights choose a king and a queen from the members of the audience, whom they dress up in royal mantle and whom they crown. 

At the call of the king, the knights march in whom show their aiming and fighting skills to the royal couple and the invited guests with their medieval weapons.

With excitement and sometimes with humour, the duels represent properly the courage and the recklessness of the medieval knights. Our shows even have a flying of the royal hawk as an addition.  At the closure of the event, our guests have the opportunity to try out the medieval weapons with the help of the knights.

Before or after the spectacle, we give the opportunity to eat at the Renaissance Restaurant. Above 30 persons, our programmes are hosted at any times. The event is in Hungarian, German, English and Italian and for other languages our shows can be enjoyed with an interpreter.


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