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The history and tasting of palinkas in Visegrád

Illegal „Moonshine” Distillation Museum

In the Zugfőzde Palinka-museum, they can be informed about the Hungarian history of the palinka making,  they can take a look at the tricks of the banned palinka making and they can get to know the connection between Visegrád and the palinka.

They can be part of an interactive palinka making and they can experience what had happened in those years when in the kitchen – in secret – they tried to make the wished drink in a pressure cooker.

Unfortunately, the whole equipment for the folk palinka making cannot be found in museums, since the individual resourcefulness in that area was limitless. There appeared newer and better solutions almost in a daily basis.

We make an attempt here to present a part of the folk palinka making.

Opening hours

Tuesday-Saturday 2 PM – 6 PM

Sunday-Monday CLOSED

Other programmes:

  • Palinka tour: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 6 PM-7 PM
  • Visiting an open-view kitchen (only for the participants of the Palinka tour): Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 7 PM – 7:30 PM
  • Palinka BOKSZ: Tuesday-Saturday 2 PM – 6 PM


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