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Silence in the silence…

Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden

For many the Telgárthy-meadow means the same as a picnic with family/friends on the summer’s Saturdays in Visegrád, since it can be easily reached also by car, it is only a few kilometres away from the city, a meadow filled with streams and century-old trees. However, not everyone knows that beyond the old fence lies a completely different world, which was created by the enthusiast student of the engineer in forestry, Gyula Eőry in the middle of the 1960’s.

Have you ever felt the romance of the silence?

Visit the botanical garden and experience it!

As his thesis, Eőry planted pines, redwood, spruce and dougles fir trees as an experiment on the area, though these trees were natives in the neighbour anyway; and later, foresters and engineers of forestry who have shown interest in the initiative continued his work and finally, with the assistance of Miklós Bertényi and Gábor Varga the once dream of Gyula Eőry officially became an arboretum.

In the 1980’s, an ornithology path was added and in the middle of the same decade (1985), the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF) organized its yearly international meeting here, during which every member-country’s delegation have planted a tree as a memory of the meeting.


At the entrance of the also internationally highly regarded Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden the recently opened forest restaurant can be visited in opening hours.

If you would like, you can book a professional tour-guide for the time of the walks.
But obviously, we would not like to offer you company necessarily for one of the most romantic walks in Visegrád…

Opening hours

Entry fee

Student and pensioner: 500 HUF

Adult: 1000 HUF



Did you know?

The oldest tree in the Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden is an enormous sessile oak of which age is believed by experts to be about 350 years old. When in 1686, Buda has been successfully recaptured from the Turkish, the tree was already almost 20 years old.