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Every road leads to the Palace House

Palace House

Or rather vice versa: every road starts from the Palace House, since her takes place the Infoház – the information office of Visegrád. From the permanent and actual programmes and events, through the various hiking trails and eating opportunities, to accommodations one can be informed of anything who did not come to Visegrád with a precisely detailed strategy.

If you seek something more palpable than information in the office you can buy souvenirs from Visegrád for those who cannot be with you this time.

If you want to create something yourself and you are interested in craftsmanship, you can try that out in the Palace House, too. In the Court of Professions you can master the knowledge from old times with the help of the masters. After an exciting demonstration, you have the chance to go to a workshop of stonemasonry, pottery, blacksmith and mould-made paper.

It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the Palace House, too, if you are in Visegrád; whether you are at the beginning of your road or you have just finished. It is practical to start from here, since you can park your car if you would like to go on foot, you can plan your day with the help of professionals in a few minutes, and you still have time for a nice cup of coffee and a few bites.


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