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Travel back in time 1700 years with an easy walk!


On the 176 metres-high Sibrik-hill can be found one of the most interesting sights of Visegrád, yet not many people know about it. About 1700 years ago, during the reign of Constantine the Great here stood a very important fortress on the North-East part of the province of Pannonia and the Roman Empire. Three hundred soldiers settled here to keep the Danube, the outer frontier of the Empire, and the near limes part in control. The outline of the fortress was a deltoid and towers defended it.

It is interesting to think about that on the ruins and parts of the fortress built here by the Roman Empire’s first Christian ruler, Constantine the Great, the first Christian ruler of Hungary, King Saint Stephen made a steward centre in 1009. During this time the first temple of the city was built on the mountain, too.

Take beautiful pictures from the top of the Sibrik-hill – glance at the Danube Bend from the place

where Roman soldiers kept control of the Danube 1700 years ago!

Although the fortress of the Roman Age has fewer visitors than the Citadel or the Royal Palace, it became an emblematic place in Visegrád, and it is not recommended to miss it if you are here. It can be easily reached and the little walks up to the top of the 176 metre-high hill feel especially good.