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Also King Matthias has already chosen Visegrád


… which we, in the heart of the Danube bend, perfectly understand even after 500 years.
Though this country is our home of course, so it is difficult for us not to speak of it partially, and we do not really manage to do it. However: for those in Hungary who love mountains, forests, and the immediate vicinity of the riverbanks, but are not keen on driving for long hours, Visegrád is probably a basic concept in their minds since childhood. 

No wonder that even King Matthies liked Visegrád very much and he had made his summer residence here, also with the purpose to compensate his young wife with the special environment as far as possible, who had to leave Italy due to their wedding. 

And although the population of Visegrád is barely over 1800, nearly 1 million people visit our city every year, so this means the overall density multiplies in a single year!

We would like to show as much as possible of this wonder, and it obviously requires enthusiasm, creativity and alliance. Visegrád is probably one of the strongest cities of our nation when it comes to enthusiasm, creativity and alliance (just think about the unbelievably large number of our hotels with knowing that the relative population is 55 people per sq. km, of which there are a great number of nationally acknowledged four-star hotels).

The token of our success is that Visegrád means a constant inspiration to us.

With the vast variety of our programs we would like to serve the available quality relaxation: you will always find here an opportunity for entertainment that will surely interest you: starting from the tournament demonstration, through the hiking, to a boat trip on the Danube.

Sign out from the weekdays and charge yourself with new experiences in Visegrád, in the centre of the Danube Bend!