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Visegrád 360

VR Tours in Visegrád

Visegrád 360 is ready, with which you can discover the most exciting points of our city in impressive resolution, with the help of solutions combining 3D and VR technologies.
In fact! We will regularly expand the list of accessible spaces on the site!

For a long time, we wanted Visegrád to be included in the list of cities and landmarks that you can visit at any time within the framework of online VR tours, even through the air, if you really want the Visegrád atmosphere at the given moment, but you don't have the opportunity to go out right away.
Of course, it was also an important goal that interested people living anywhere in the world could take a look at one of the most beautiful cities in our country with a single click, so that the decision could be born: "you have to see this live!"

On the debut interface of Visegrád 360, you can already view the

  • the Citadel
  • the Royal Palace
  • and Solomon's Tower

as you have never seen them before.

From here on, the list of sections of our city that can be visited with a VR tour is constantly expanding, and we will inform you regularly about these updates.

We have prepared an INFOGRAPHIC for you to help you use Visegrád 360. Before embarking on the VR tour, it is worth taking a look to get the most out of the experience.

 Visegrád TE - Visegrád 360 – VR túrák az Élő Középkor Városában!